“…I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated you fitting me in on a Saturday last minute. Thank you SO much. I also wanted to thank you for all the help you’ve given me with my various back issues. I have been SO impressed, not only with your professionalism, but also by the impressive results you have achieved by using such gentle techniques. I’m recommending you to everyone!

“…Simply amazing.  I have gone to see her and I had very limited mobility in my shoulder.  She examined me and took all the time needed to do so.  Then she started treating me.  Very gentle and professional, no pain at all.  After the session she asked me to do the same shoulder movement to see if there is improvement and boy it is like magic.  I could not previously raise my shoulder higher than head height.  Post the session I was able completely move it and have it as straight line with my body 180 degrees.  Bottom line the lady is prof and she know what she is doing and by the way, she has the most competitive prices in Reading.  Cant wait till my next session :)…Thank you Sahrika!…” 

“…Excellent Osteopath.  Sahrika has helped me immensely with rehabilitating my shoulder and low back pain following my car accident.  Have already recommended many of my friends and family to her for their own treatment…” 

 “…A lovely lady who helped me a lot with my lower back pain.  She uses a very gentle method and it’s likely you will fall asleep.  Give her a try and you won’t be disappointed…” 

“…I have endured many years of severe back pain caused principally by injuries picked up from playing rugby.  In recent years this has led to excruciating pain when walking even very short distances and curtailed my mobility- very frustrating and depressing after such an active life.

Having previously sought the services of another osteopath, chiropractor and an acupuncturist, I pretty much gave up hope that anyone could help until a friend recommended Sahrika.  Ever sceptical I decided to give her a try- after all what did I have to lose?

I am so pleased I took that decision because where the others didnt succeed Sahrika has!  After about a year of treatment from her I am almost totally pain free and my mobility has improved immeasurably.  I am very grateful to Sahrika (magic hands I call her), and can heartily recommend her expert Osteopathic services…”