About Us

Sahrika Sankla (BSc Hons Ost Med) graduated from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine, London in 2007. She always wanted to work in a profession helping others and Osteopathy has given her more than this. Sahrika was drawn to Osteopathy for its holistic approach in treating and managing complex cases, without the prescription of medicines.

Sahrika’s Osteopathic professional journey began in Bangalore, India where she spent 18 months treating long distant runners (on-field Osteopath at the 2007 and 2008 Bangalore Ultra-marathon), professional and amateur golfers, badminton and tennis players. She also gained experience in rehabilitating chronic musculo-skeletal pains through strength training. In 2009, Sahrika returned to the UK to set up her own Osteopathic Clinic.

In 2010, Sahrika completed a post-graduate course in Classical Osteopathy, changing her Osteopathic approach to treatment. Since then, she has been applying a whole body approach to treatment.

Sahrika has worked at the London Clinic of Classical Osteopathy from October 2010 – July 2017, to broaden her knowledge in Classical Osteopathy and has taken a number of post-graduate Classical Osteopathic courses as part of her continued professional development.